Powering Digital Customer Engagement


At Azpiral we deliver all aspects of Digital Customer Engagement.

AzpiralPRO  is a cloud-based solution that allows our clients to capture and analyse consumer basket data
for both in-store and online purchases.
AzpiralPRO  facilitates the automated delivery of personalised offers and promotions to your customers in real time.

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One Single Platform

Manage all your customer interactions

Centralise all your customer interactions across multiple stores.
Increase your customer engagement,
while saving you time and money on marketing tasks and multiple software services.

Easy to use

Stress free digital customer engagement.

Create, manage and analyse all your digital customer activities.
Azpiral provides a comprehensive training programme and the help of our dedicated technical support team to guide you all the way.
Engaging your customers has never been so easy.

Fully integrated software

With a suite of APIs

Partnered with over 80 ePOS and technology companies across the globe,
this ensures that our software integrates effortlessly with numerous business systems.
We constantly monitor and improve our suite of APIs (application programming interfaces).
These enable secure and authorised third-party connections to the AzpiralPRO.

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