It’s 22q11 Awareness Day – help spread the word

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22q11 Awareness Day

It’s 22q11 Awareness Day – help spread the word

The 22nd /11th of the year we celebrate 22q11.2 deletion syndrome to help raise awareness of the syndrome. 22q is the most common “rare” disease and people living with the syndrome are often treated for the symptoms separately but not as patients with 22q11. This is a problem.
22q11 Ireland was established by parents with children living with 22q11 in order to learn more about the syndrome, raise awareness, support families living with 22q and guide the HSE to create an integrated care programme that recognises 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.
To help them on their mission you can educate yourself and others by liking their 22q11 Ireland facebook and twitter pages and you can share this fact sheet to help spread the word. #22qAwareness

facts about 22q11.2 deletion syndrome

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