4 ways to update your loyalty program quickly

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4 ways to update your loyalty program quickly

1.The customer is always right.
So why not ask them what they want? Conducting a short survey via email or in the store will work wonders for your loyalty program.
Keep your questions short and clear and ask a maximum of 10 questions with a mixture of demographic questions.Encourage opinions too by adding comment boxes with certain questions.
Research shows customers 73% of shoppers think loyalty schemes should demonstrate how loyal the company is to its customers.One way of showing you care is asking for their opinions.
2.Run a loyalty promotion to encourage sign up.
Run a loyalty promotion in store or online to encourage registration to your loyalty program.
Offering a sign-up incentive is one of the best ways to entice customers to join.
Why not offer a discount in store or online when customers sign up.
An in-store promotion like free teas or coffees, rewards or bonus points is always good to encourage sign up.

If possible offering discounts, rewards or free gifts to the customer who refer friends to sign up can be a great way to engage your target audience.
3. Reconnect with your loyalty customers.
Today the “one size fits all” approach to loyalty is no longer a viable or an effective option.
The sooner you stop sending generic and impersonal communications, offers and promotions to your customers the better.
Implementing simple levels of personalisation into your loyalty strategy will guarantee increased engagement with your different target audiences.
For example, simply add customers names to communications, segregate customer lists using simple criteria, gender, age and location then send target offers to each group and measure its success and failure rate.
With each attempt, you will gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ expectations and be able to meet them.
4.Add a mobile loyalty channel.
Upgrade your loyalty channels and engage your mobile-centric audience by involving a mobile aspect to your loyalty strategy.
On a very high and more expensive level, this may involve a mobile app.To slowly introduce a mobile channel why not offer them the ability to use their mobile number as their loyalty identifier instead of a loyalty card number.This increases engagement at the till and encourages participation.

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