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App-based Loyalty programs: FordPass rewards

There are over five billion mobile users in the world, with global internet penetration standing at 57% and app downloads are predicted to reach 260 billion by 2022. With these predictions it’s no wonder brands are creating loyalty apps to engage their customers.

We take a look at Ford, an American car manufacturer, leading the way in app-based loyalty. FordPass Rewards is an app-based loyalty program that awards points for spending money on vehicle maintenance.

Ford had an existing loyalty program but it was severely underutilised as it was very restricted. This time around Ford wanted to ensure their program was accessible, flexible and convenient to encourage customer engagement and retention.

One way of doing this, they made points collected transferable among all dealerships.

The FordPass app is the portal through which customers can earn and redeem rewards.

Each person that downloads the FordPass app and connects it to a new vehicle receives 42,000 points this is the equivalent of about $210 which is enough for three oil and air-filter changes. While customers that purchase pre-owned Ford cars get 11, 000 points and earn 5% for every dollar spent on vehicle services.

The app also has plenty of other features too. Ford wanted to create a good customer experience with the brand so they included other features through the app.

Some features include, health alerts for your ford sent to you via the loyalty app, call or e-request for roadside assistance and locate your vehicle through the FordPass app.

The FordPass app is a great example of using software to deliver business needs to engage its customers effectively. This well- thought out program genuinely rewards customers and provides value, leading to higher retention rates.

If you are looking to introduce a loyalty app to an existing program or creating a new program take a look at Azpiral’s Whitelabel rewards app. Fully customisable for your business needs.

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