Apple updates – what it means for your loyalty app

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Apple updates – what it means for your loyalty app

This week Apple revealed iOS 14, during a digital conference with 6,000 developers in San Jose, California, due to COVID-19 pandemic.  In the digital conference, they introduced a new home screen for iPhones, iPadOS14, macOS /big Sur and watchOS 7. We look at some of the new updates and how they could impact an app from marketing and data capture point of view.

1. Users will now have the option to give apps a general location as opposed to a specific location. The general location would let an app know that you are in a general area, for example, you are close to a store but not a specific location that is needed for location tracking which means that geofencing will be more difficult to achieve. The Azpiral white-label app links to the loyalty programmes actual stores so this will not be an issue for the Azpiral white-label loyalty app.

2. Apple is adding a “nutrition label” to summarise app privacy policies where app owners will have to state any third parties that user data is shared with, users will have the ability to review this before choosing to download an app. again this will not impact the Azpiral loyalty app, as the Azpiral app does not use third parties for the user data.

3. A new permission is being added whenever the app wants to share your data with a third party. That is huge and it is a big blow to apps that looks to make revenue from ad revenue. With this update, it is difficult to see that many users will agree with their data being shared with third-party ad trackers. As the Azpiral app will be your app there are no third-party ads so this is not an issue.

Azpiral white-label app is not impacted by the recent updates released by Apple. However, many apps will be and as a marketer, it is worth considering how these changes will impact your app uptake, data capture and customer targeting.

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