New loyalty platform ready-to-go with evoPOS|Azpiral & TLM technologies

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TLM technologies partnership with Azpiral

New loyalty platform ready-to-go with evoPOS|Azpiral & TLM technologies

TLM technologies
18 April 2018

Azpiral specialises in customer engagement and loyalty in the convenience and fuel sector in the UK and Ireland.

Many brands find it difficult to connect with their customers and build relationships as well as retain customers due to their competitive marketplace. The AzpiralPRO loyalty platform captures customer data in real-time and gives users a holistic view of their customer’s behaviour, enabling them to reward and communicate effectively via multiple channels using just one platform -AzpiralPRO.

TLM and Azpiral have been working closely together over the last few months to finalise the integration of Azpiral’s loyalty platform, AzpiralPRO and with our new next-generation EPOS, evoPOS. The integration enables TLM to offer our customers a world-class Loyalty and Digital Customer Engagement platform fully integrated and ready-to-go.

Customer engagement functionality includes a comprehensive CRM, a variety of loyalty offers and promotions, an integrated communications tool, customer segmentation, loyalty marketing automation, gamification and rewards.

The integration development demonstrates our commitment to continue bringing new cutting-edge technologies to our customers and is yet another exciting development in the evoPOS and wider evolution product suite roadmap.
One of the first customers likely to install the Loyalty Platform is the Fraser Group. Fraser Group Retail Director, Nick Fraser said

“we were looking for a loyalty customer engagement platform that could meet our current customer engagement needs from a company that had a proven track record of continuous investment in their platform. With the Azpiral and TLM, we believe we have found what we need and we are looking forward to working with both companies”.


TLM’s Group Sales & Marketing Director Paul Muncey said “this new partnership demonstrates the true value of evoPOS being built on an open platform. It’s a great example of how best-in-class services can be integrated directly into our systems to offer retailers exciting new opportunities to build a connected POS that’s completely tailored to their business”.
Azpiral Sales Director, Kevin Nolan concludes “we are delighted to be partnering with the TLM. We have worked tirelessly over the years to perfect our platform for the convenience and forecourt sector and we feel the decision by the TLM to integrate Azpiral as one of the first third-party services into evoPOS is recognition of what we have achieved”.
Click here to learn more about evoPOS, or speak to one of our team to discover more about the AzpiralPRO integration and the new loyalty opportunities available to your business.

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