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New Features

AzpiralPRO – New Features

Introducing our latest version of AzpiralPRO. Now offering mobile number as a customer identifier, ePOS messaging and easy to use Dashboards.
1.The game-changer – Mobile number as an identifier.

With 5,432,182 active mobile phone subscriptions in Ireland, which equates to 1.185 mobile phones for every man, woman and child in the country, irrespective of their age (ComReg).

How can retailers use mobile to influence their loyalty program?

Well, there are numerous ways but one is using customer mobile numbers as their loyalty identifier.
A unique i.d must be assigned to each loyalty customer as an identifier. Usually, this is in the form of a loyalty card, with a unique number that is assigned to a specific customer.

With this new functionality, a customer’s mobile number can be used as their unique customer I.d.
This latest development 

Reduces the cost of printing branded cards.

Increase engagement with offers, promotions and competitions instore because the customer just gives their mobile number to participate.

Faster checkout process (no scanning cards at the till).

Create regular loyalty habits, customers learn to give their mobile number during a transaction.

Increase engagement at the till.

Azpiral offer several identifier options such as;

Magstripe Card

Barcoded card

QR card

Mobile app

RFID & NFC tags

Account Number

The identifier can be configured to suit the business needs.

2.Communication is key – ePOS messaging.
Communication is at the heart of true engagement so why not take every opportunity to communicate with your customers?

ePOS messaging, a new feature on AzpiralPRO, allows you to directly message your customers through the store ePOS or through the customers receipt.

Using AzpiralPRO “Pos Messaging” tool communications can be sent directly to the ePOS and display on screen or on the customer receipt. Messages can be customized to include the customer’s details, for instance, name points balance or other fields of your choice.

This type of communication ensures your customers are engaged in real-time at the ePOS. Creating a positive interaction while your customer is in-store.

AzpiralPRO already facilitates communication through, SMS, e-mail and in-app messaging. Users can send communications to all customers, individuals, groups, or to targeted customer profiles based on purchase history or personal details, age, gender, location.

Every communication sent through the AzpiralPRO complies with Data Protection Laws to ensure that customers have the ability to Opt-In or out immediately.

3.Data analysis at a glance-Reports Dashboard

The AzpiralPRO business analytics tool has just become even better.
The introduction of intuitive dashboards means large, complex data can now be displayed simply and comprehensibly through coloured graphs and pie charts.

In this latest development, we added a communications section to the dashboard. These dashboards make it easy for users to analyse data in a coherent and meaningful manner.

Dashboards help identify patterns and relationships between values, communicate a message that is contained in the shape of the data and compare individual values.

We will continue to add more features to the dashboards over the next releases.

Using AzpiralPROs intuitive dashboards and report builder, gain in-depth analysis of all your customers’ behaviours and make data-driven decisions for your business.



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