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CO2 Calculator

CO2 Calculator now available on the AzpiralPRO

Azpiral’s new product the C02 Calculator is an ideal tool for businesses looking to reduce their impact on the environment, increase their green credentials and give back to society and the planet.

When CO2 emissions cannot be avoided, the CO2 Calculator provides businesses with a mechanism to measure, manage and offset the C02 count. Companies use the CO2 Calculator to show customers their co2 emission per unit of consumption. The carbon footprint calculation can be displayed in the consumers receipt, a company’s website and mobile app.

Businesses work with third-party nature-based projects to ensure the CO2 emissions being created through their business is offset through supporting environmental projects. 

Voluntary C02 Offsets are a recognised tool which allows individuals and companies to invest in environmental projects that contribute to reducing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere while also offer a greater value to communities through improved biodiversity, air quality and clean water.

The Paris Agreement charts a new course in the global climate effort. The main aim of the agreement is to strengthen the global response to climate change by keeping global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius. A global stocktake will take place every five years to ensure improvements are being made.

As a result of this global movement, companies are working to support the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement and keep the global temperatures below 2°C. One of the strategies favoured by companies is to offset  CO2 emissions by investing in environmental projects where CO2 emissions cannot be avoided i.e. fuel consumption.

The CO2 Calculator keeps companies accountable while making the consumer aware of their carbon footprint and shaping their behaviour going forward.

Azpiral’s CO2 Calculator is easy to use and can be accessed through the AzpiralPRO loyalty Platform. For a closer look, you can check out a short tutorial video featured in our Loyalty Academy. Enrol here and see just how easy it is to use.

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