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Campaign Dashboard AzpiralPRO

Measure marketing campaigns ROI – AzpiralPRO

Latest Software update on the AzpiralPRO: The campaign dashboard

Are your communication campaigns having an impact your sales? Are your customers more responsive to SMS or email?
Need to measure the effectiveness of your communication campaigns?


Campaign dashboard enables AzpiralPRO users to monitor sales figures before during and after a campaign has been sent to customers.
Using the AzpiralPRO users can send personalised and targeted SMS, E-mail and in-app messages to your customers.

How it works
Select the Reports tab on the AzpiralPRO navigation and then select Dashboards. In here, select the tab Communications.

Select the store, store group or specific stores. Choose the period you want to view and the chart type and run Report.

This report will display the following headings and the corresponding data on different graphs. The headings include;

Total Communications Sent by Group
Total Type of Communication Sent by day – selected Store(s).
Total Type of Communication Sent by day – selected Store(s)
Number of Communications Sent – selected Campaign(s) and Store.

Users can choose a communication campaign and view the following data to measure the impact on customer sales.
Number of Communications Sent – selected Campaign(s) and Store(s)
Total Sales for Members Campaign(s) and Store(s) selected
Distinct Member Count
Number of Member Transactions
Total Store Sales

This campaign Dashboard gives users the option to view offers that ran in conjunction with the
communication campaign that was sent in order to give a holistic view of the campaign and its impact on customer sales.

The benefits to of the campaigns dashboard:
Measure the ROI of communication campaigns.

Marketing departments and Loyalty managers can test different types of communications on their target customers.

Aid content creation and communication strategy

Users can compare sales from the year previous year as a result of communication.

Reduce communication costs by becoming more strategic using data.

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