How to make your Loyalty Programme customer-centric

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Customer Centric Loyalty

How to make your Loyalty Programme customer-centric

Customer centricity is essential for any loyalty programme to be successful. But how do we ensure that our loyalty programme is customer-centric?

There are several ways and means to make your loyalty programme customer-centric and we’ve broken them down for you in this

So, how do we define a customer-centric loyalty programme? What does it look like and how does it work?

Speak to Your Customers Where They Are – Cover All Touchpoints
To be truly customer-centric, you must meet your customer where they are and not force them to engage with you where you are.

Whether that is through your company app, in-store or direct messaging through social media platforms, you must meet your customers w and where is convenient for them in-store or by online channel web, app or social media.

Cover all touchpoints in a customer journey and you can rest assured you’re doing all that you can to make engaging with your brand as convenient and easy as possible.

Utilise Customer Data to Personalise the Experience
Dealing with a brand without personalisation can make customers feel alienated and disconnected from the brand.

Using customer data that you’ve collected through your loyalty programme to personalise each interaction your customer has with your brand will build rapport and a working relationship with your customers and keep them coming back.

Collecting and managing the customer data doesn’t need to be difficult either. The use of a Customer Relationships Management, or CRM tool, as part of your loyalty platform combined with your loyalty card data and communications data ensure the whole experience of engaging with your brand in the future is personalised and tailored to that customer.

Equip Your Frontline Staff
As the first touchpoint most of your customers will have with your brand, your frontline staff are your biggest ambassadors and driving factors for your loyalty programme.

With this in mind, it only makes sense to ensure your frontline staff are properly equipped to onboard new customers top the loyalty programme and fully engage with existing loyalty programme customers.

Ensure your frontline staff are trained well and can answer questions that your customer might have about your loyalty programme.

Communicate with your staff and ask for their feedback to help you improve your loyalty programme offerings and journey.

Ensure Your Rewards Align With Customer Needs
Listening to your customers and deep-diving through data collected can help your brand identify what customers really want and need from a loyalty programme.

Discovering what your customers want from their loyalty programmes will invariably drive your brand to engage with customers, listen to their feedback and make changes based on that feedback, making your loyalty programme more and more customer-centric with every customer feedback-driven change.

Customer centricity has become paramount for most consumer-facing brands nowadays and ensuring your loyalty programme is customer-centric can significantly increase customer retention rates for your brand.

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