Topaz’s Cash for Clubs: The perfect example of good customer engagement in the retail sector

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Topaz Cash for Clubs

Topaz’s Cash for Clubs: The perfect example of good customer engagement in the retail sector

Standing out from competitors, understanding customers’ expectations and creating real customer loyalty are some of the most difficult challenges brands face today.


These challenges are largely contributed to widespread internet penetration, online shopping, multiple digital channels, social media networks and price-conscious customers.


These factors make it difficult for brands to understand their customers, truly connect with them and in turn create a loyal customer base.


Meanwhile, customers are continuously empowered through information made readily available to them at the touch of a button. Leaving brands with the predicament of how to engage with customers and win customers loyalty from their competitors without slashing prices?


Topaz Cash for Clubs is a perfect example, for a few reasons, of why understanding your customers and applying a rewards strategy that appeals to your target audiences is crucial to any business operating today.


Topaz launched an initiative alongside their existing loyalty program Play or Park, renowned for its engaging gamification strategy and digital experience, Cash for Clubs.


Topaz Cash for Clubs gives customers the chance to win thousands of Euro for their local club. The great thing about Cash for Clubs is that it is open to all clubs and all communities. All club types and sizes can enter the draw and every club that meets the threshold will be rewarded.


Topaz leveraged customer data and integrated loyalty software to create Cash for Clubs. Cash for Clubs was launched to further engage their customer base, attract new customers, encourage spend in-store, increase purchase frequency and footfall in-store, while giving back to local communities.


This is the 3rd year of Cash for Clubs and it’s only getting more popular. Originally, when it launched back 2015 it was a manual process. Registration, stamps added to receipts and an administration team counted the physical tokens.


However, the past two years the whole initiative is now digitised using AzpiralPRO’s offer engine tool to simplify the process for Topaz and manage the large participation rates efficiently.


Customers collected tokens for their local club by spending in store. The tokens were automatically assigned to the customer’s account and allocated to their club of choice at the till all facilitated through AzpiralPRO’s integration to the ePOS. The token quantity appeared on the customers till receipt too.


The Cash for Clubs initiative displayed Topaz deep understanding of their customer’s values and in return resulted in huge engagement throughout the country.


Results 2017 only

2,928 Clubs enabled in 2017


21,480 Members who assigned a club in 2017


182,861 tokens assigned to club in 2017




Campaigns like this work well for brands that have frequent, utilitarian shoppers or a large millennial target audience.


Understanding your customers need, wants, interests and values is vital to the success of initiatives like this and leveraging integrated software to automate campaigns, heightens the customer’s experience, simplifies the process, and encourages participation and engagement without slashing prices.


This year’s winners Bray Hockey Club won the grand prize of €10,000 through Cash for Clubs.

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