Improve customer experience through integrated loyalty software

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Improve customer experience through integrated loyalty software

Technological advances within the hospitality sector over recent years have transformed the industry and occupy a central role in keeping businesses competitive in an often overcrowded marketplace. At the forefront of sales technology in the hospitality industry lies the ever-evolving ePOS (electronic point-of-sale) system which enables more streamlined and efficient services for both customers and business owners.
While ePOS systems are regularly associated with benefits including customer orders, stock management and payment processing, they are often under-utilized as a tool for supporting customer loyalty. This blog will highlight some of the ways in which you can make your ePOS system work harder for your business through the use of integrated loyalty software.
POS systems collect a myriad of data on customer patterns and behaviours. Customer analytics offer invaluable insights into the development of targeted loyalty programs which actively enhance the customer experience and drive repeat business through building connections with your core customers.

Loyalty program providers with ePOS integration in the hospitality industry have a strong marketing tool at their disposal. Particularly given that 55% of loyal customers recommend your business to friends and family and it is 500% more expensive to acquire new customers to acquire new customers compared to retaining current ones.
In the restaurant sector loyalty rewards, loyalty cards and loyalty mobile apps are central to promoting the customer experience. The main goal is to convert first-time customer to a repeat customer through forging a personal connection and incentivizing them to return.
Focusing on the “custom” aspect of the customer experience is a crucial step in developing loyalty programs which offer individualised rewards based on past purchases and indicated preferences. Promoting engagement with loyalty mobile apps provides the hospitality sector with a direct channel of communication with their customers and another means of promoting brand affinity.
The form of loyalty program offered will vary depending on customer profiles, however, key components may include: personalised rewards or vouchers based on purchase history, free beverages or desserts on special occasions, incentives on certain purchases, and rewards for digital reviews on third-party sites or digital word of mouth.
Key benefits of ePOS integrated loyalty software:
• Better return on investment
• Increased sales
• Improved customer retention
• Enhanced customer satisfaction ratings
• Direct communication channel with customers
Azpiral are the leading provider of ePOS integrated loyalty technology in Ireland offering a range of services including AzpiralPRO and PAR PixelPoint POS Software which facilitate automation of personalised customer rewards and promotions based on customer analytics. If you would like to get further information on our loyalty software, please contact us.

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