Digital loyalty engagement during a pandemic

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Digital loyalty engagement during a pandemic

How to use your loyalty programme to build communities, create engagement and promote positivity.

2020 has proven to be a difficult year so far and its only March. With the devastating wildfires in Australia, Kobe Bryant and his daughters tragic accident and now COVID -19, a flu-like virus that so far has caused 30,257 deaths worldwide and counting.

The coronavirus (COVID- 19) pandemic has caused huge disruption in everyday life from school, work, business operations, events, retail and of course our healthcare system.

With that said in each of the circumstances mentioned above, we have seen the rise of positivity and goodwill of people through online channels and digital technology. We understand our clients are finding it difficult to think about their business, so we’ve highlighted some ways to use their platforms to enhance engagement and promote positivity in their communities.

Clear Communication

Inform your customers of your opening hours, delivery services and online services. Share tips to stay safe while visiting your store (please reference HSE and WHO guidelines)  Let your customers know what your business is doing to facilitate social distancing. 

Get personal

Use your customer segmentation tool to communicate with specific customers. If you have older customers let them know how you can help them. Some retailers are offering different hours for the elderly to shop in-store without the large crowds. Pharmacies are offering delivery services for their most vulnerable. Let them know what you can do for each audience specifically.

Support a good cause

The Coronavirus impacts people differently but often the most vulnerable in society are the hardest hit. Businesses can choose a charity and help them raise much-needed funds or awareness through their loyalty software. Gulf’s oomph loyalty programme has a donate loyalty points to a local charity feature. This is managed through the AzpiralPRO.

Gluf oomph  loyalty programme

Have some fun in isolation

It’s a challenging time for everyone trying to think of ways to entertain yourself and your family. Why not run a competition through your loyalty programme or social media channels. You could create a hamper or reward for customers to enter on your website or in-store when they buy from you and announce the winner at the end of the month. Use your social media platforms to create a hashtag and ask people to upload videos of some of the things they are getting up to in isolation the best video wins a voucher or prize at the end of the month.

Build a loyal community

In times of social distancing and self-isolation people seek comfort in community spirit. We saw earlier in the week when an Italian neighbourhood consolidated through music played on their balconies. While in Ireland neighbours meet to sing Ireland’s call on St. Patrick’s Day. Encourage people to sign up for your loyalty programme by offering them something to engage with and feel part of a community. Create customer clubs by location and inform them of all the good things that are happening in their area for the next few weeks.

Listen to your customers

People’s routines are disrupted and often people find themselves searching for things to do. Create a survey and send it to your loyalty members about your services and offer them a reward, point promotion, entry into a competition or a discount offer in return to cheer them up. Use the feedback to make improvements to your services and give your customers the best experience yet.

In uncertain times like these be reassured that we are all in this together. Getting creative and using technology to help people and spread positivity is a powerful thing. Our team are working from home for the foreseeable future but there is no interruption to our services. If any of our clients would like assistance with any of the points raised above, please don’t hesitate to call us. 

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