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Become familiar with our API’s, download our ePOS API document and see just how straightforward it is to integrate to AzpiralPRO.

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The Azpiral ePOS API is a suite of commands that an ePOS uses to communicate with loyalty and non-loyalty transactions.

To make our APIs as accessible as possible, we have live and sandbox modes using the supplied live and sandbox connection DLLs; requests made to the sandbox mode will never hit real customer accounts.

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Getting started with Azpiral checklist

You’ve signed up with Azpiral and you’re ready to get started. What happens next?

Download our checklist to make sure your up and running in no time.

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ePOS Integrations

Want to how seamless integration with Azpiral really is?

Download our short checklist to find out how easy it is to integrate to Azpiral.

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ePOS Web / App Integrations

Download our web and app integration checklist and follow 6 simple steps to integrate with Azpiral.

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