B2B Trend: e-commerce and integrated loyalty software

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B2B Trend: e-commerce and integrated loyalty software

Business to Business e-commerce should play a central role in your company. As well as simplifying order operations and making delivery more effective, investing in integrated loyalty technology can help with ease of customer orders and product visibility. 2019 brings with it a new era of digital complications for wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors.


Old methods of doing business are becoming outdated, and inefficient. E-commerce is the best way to gather customer insights to enhance the customer experience in order to cater to your target market. Through loyalty software, data capture and tracking trends become more achievable and important.


The newest trends for wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors are simple but extremely important for business owners in 2019.


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One of the most influential e-commerce trends of 2019 is a renewed focus on the fundamentals. Investment in technology has allowed business owners to re-evaluate their customer engagement, update their inventory, and understand what their USP is.


Innovation in inventory management is allowing businesses to have real-time, updated stock information available to customers 24/7. Similarly, customers can renew a previous order. Investment in technology highlights operational flaws to businesses that previously had been flying under the radar.


Knowing your company’s operational strengths and weaknesses allow you to plan for more productive steps in the future. Meeting the basic needs of your clients, and having a pleasant, efficient customer experience is paramount for a business to succeed, regardless of the technological investment.


When the basics are rock solid, wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors should look to capture the efficiencies of their business to maximise their assets. Investing in loyalty technology gives businesses the data they need to take the next step in realising their competencies.


Understanding what drives your consumers to purchase, and why, allows you to tailor your business to their needs, resultantly maximising your potential while maintaining a satisfied customer. Making data-driven decisions should be the backbone of every company, following concrete statistics is how you ensure your business stays above the rest.


Many businesses are still using old software systems which do not allow for the up to date information that is necessary to operate a business in 2019. Investing in integrated software combines every sector of your business, i.e. accounting, inventory, innovation, to give you a real-time picture of the health of your company.


Decision making becomes much easier when there is clear communication between departments. A niche that is arising in e-commerce is the ability to review products online. This is paramount for changing a prospective buyer into a buyer and is just as important in B2B as B2C. Investing in the necessary technology allows customers to engage with your business and build a relationship.



These trends are very important for wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors as large businesses are more susceptible to inefficient business. When your business is dealing with large quantities of product, having information about the needs and wants of your customers will save you a considerable amount of money.


Being a part of a B2B process is beneficial to understanding your customer as you are a business too! You can make informed investments, as well as considered plans for the future.




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