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AzpiralPRO crm symbol

Manage all customer interactions, improve customer service and understand your customers better with our CRM.

AzpiralPRO Loyalty marketing automation
Loyalty marketing automation

Automate communications to your customers, based on specific criteria. Saving your marketing team time to focus on bigger things.

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Customise, Personalise and Automate communications with no stress.

Rewards Engine
Rewards engine

Customise rewards using your customers preferences to truly delight them.

AzpiralPRO customer targeting symbol
Customer profiler

Automatically profile customers and deliver targeted rewards and offers to your customers.

AzpiralPRO reports symbol
Business analytics

Analytics that let you measure your programme’s effectiveness, helping you make smarter decisions for your business.

AzpiralPRO points promotions symbol
Promotions engine

Offer your customers’ incentives to increase their spend in your store.

Gift Card
Gift card

Excite your customers with your branded gift card. Fully integrated to the ePOS.

Loyalty App
Loyalty App (White Label App)

Add other channel to your loyalty program. Create a branded loyalty app and meet your customer’s expectations.

AzpiralPRO Data and Analytics screenshot

Data & Analytics

Capture all customer transactions both loyalty and non-loyalty. Using AzpiralPRO’s intuitive dashboards and report builder gain in-depth analysis of all your customers’ behaviours and make data driven decisions for your business.


Powerful, clean APIs (application programming interfaces) that let us integrate easily with your ePOS, website and other third party connections.
We have teamed up with large-scale ePOS and communication partners to ensure our software integrates effortlessly.

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Additional services

Azpiral offers a host of services to ensure your loyalty program runs smoothly.

Software development
In-house technical support centre
Client/Consumer call centre
Bespoke account management

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