White Label Loyalty App

Reward and communicate with your customers in the right way through the right channel using Azpiral’s white label loyalty app.


Azpiral’s loyalty app software allows B2C and B2B companies customise their loyalty app to deliver their own unique loyalty program. Loyalty functionality available on the app includes rewards, points, digital loyalty cards, competitions, offers, a spend card, donation to charity software and in-app messaging.


Companies can choose the functionality they wish to make available on their loyalty app and fully rebrand the app to display their companies unique branding.

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Benefits of Azpiral’s white label loyalty app


It has already been developed — you’ll get quick delivery and lower cost

You can turn on and off functionality – and evolve your loyalty app as your loyalty program grows


The design document is outlined – your graphic designers will find it easy to design

Multiple design options for each element will allow you to totally transform the look and feel to suit your brand


You’ll be able to increase customer engagement through personalised in-app messaging

And you can trump your competitors by giving your customers the option of a digital loyalty card on their smartphone


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