Business analytics

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Business analytics

AzpiralPRO is an integrated software with the capability to capture all customer transactions both loyalty and non-loyalty at the ePOS and online.
AzpiralPRO software can integrate with a company’s existing software and third party software partners through a suite of Application Program Interface (API) calls.


This integration unifies businesses software tools, acquires customer’s real- time data at multiple touch points and delivers an Omni-channel experience to your customers.
Using AzpiralPROs intuitive dashboards and reports, users can run a range of reports at any time and at different levels, for instance, by customer, store, target profiles or store groups level.


A customisable weekly KPI dashboard is available to make analysis even easier and ensure your loyalty program goals are being achieved.
Analytics give users an in-depth understanding of customers’ behaviours and help businesses make data-driven decisions and build true loyalty.


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AzpiralPRO business analytics

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