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Business Analytics

AzpiralPRO is an integrated software programme with the capability to capture all customer transactions both loyalty and non-loyalty at the ePOS and online. AzpiralPRO software can integrate with a company’s existing software and third party software partners through a suite of Application Program Interface (API) calls.


This integration unifies your business’s software tools, acquires your customers’ real-time data at multiple touch points, and delivers an omni-channel experience to your customers. Using the AzpiralPRO intuitive dashboard and reports, users can run a range of reports at any time and at different levels, by customer, store, target profiles, store groups level and more.


A customisable weekly KPI dashboard is available to make analysis even easier and ensure your loyalty program goals are being achieved. Analytics give users an in-depth understanding of customer behaviour and help businesses make data-driven decisions that build true loyalty.

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Benefits of Business Analytics

Improved decision making and business strategy

Improved operational processes

Greater financial returns

Measurable loyalty marketing performance

Reach loyalty and business goals

Reach business goals with valuable business analytics

AzpiralPRO business analytics

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