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Go green and give back with our CO2 Calculator.


The CO2 Calculator is an ideal tool for businesses looking to reduce their impact on the environment, increase their green credentials and give back to society and the planet.


When CO2 emissions cannot be avoided the CO2 Calculator provides businesses with a mechanism to measure, manage and offset the CO2 count. Companies use the CO2 Calculator to show customers their CO2 emission per unit of consumption.The carbon footprint calculation is complete in real-time at the point of purchase through Azpiral integration with the point of sale and can be displayed in the consumer’s receipt, a company’s website and mobile app.


Businesses work with third-party nature-based projects to ensure the CO2 emissions being created through their business is offset through supporting environmental projects.


Voluntary CO2 Offsets are a recognised tool which allows individuals and companies to invest in environmental projects that contribute to reducing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere while also offer a greater value to communities through improved biodiversity, air quality and clean water.

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How Voluntary CO2 Offsets Work

Benefits of Co2 calculator

Gain clarity on emission rates

Identify most effective carbon reductions

Build trust with customers

Reduce climate impact

Boost customer retention

Improve GDPR management

Give back with Azpiral’s Co2 Calculator

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