The AzpiralPRO platform is an integrated system. AzpiralPRO gathers real-time data that gives rich insight into customer’s behaviours and expectations.


Building a relationship with your customers and enhancing engagement and participation is a breeze thank to SMS, e-mail and in-app messaging. Users can personalise each interaction and make meaningful connections based on customer data gathered by AzpiralPRO.


Automating and scheduling communications will help users save time — and allow them to personalise the customers’ experience in real-time. The point of sale (POS) messaging is included in the ‘Communication’ tab on AzpiralPRO.


Users can further boost engagement by adding personalised messaging on the POS and receipt.

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Benefits of Communications

Build trust and brand awareness

Understand your customers

Boost customer engagement

Improve customer experience

Nurture customer relationships and strengthen customer loyalty

Omni-channel marketing engages customers effectively

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