Coupon Promotions

Reward and Retain customers with Coupon Promotions.


Coupon Promotions are designed to help businesses create exciting savings for customers and keep them coming back.


AzpiralPRO coupon module is part of the AzpiralPRO promotions module. Users can add coupon promotions for their customers in one store or multiple stores. Coupons work well as part of a wider loyalty strategy; however, the coupon module can be run independently and does not require a loyalty programme.


Coupons help attract new customers, increase customer spend, retain customers, increase your market area and allow businesses to engage and excite their customers.


Coupon promotions are fully customisable on the AzpiralPRO. Coupons can be enabled and disabled on the AzpiralPRO with just a click of a button.


In-store, coupons are scanned at the ePOS and validated in real-time through Azpiral, instantly rewarding the customer. Azpiral’s Coupon promotion module is easy to use and can be accessed through the AzpiralPRO Loyalty Platform.

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How Coupons Work

Benefits of Coupons promotions

Increased brand awareness

Attract new customers with coupons

Reduce customer attrition

Increased customer spend per transaction

Low cost – Coupon promotions do not require a full loyalty programme

Reward and Retain customers with Coupon Promotions

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