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Promotions Engine

Excite and engage your customers using promotional tools that are specially tailored to your customers’ needs. These include points promotions, dual price offers, percentage discounts, competitions, games and free treats.


Our highly calibrated technology helps you reward your customers based on their proven preferences, and gain their loyalty in return. AzpiralPRO makes it easy to create, edit, disable and report on promotions, all from the one platform.


AzpiralPRO’s ePOS integration means that your promotions can be delivered in real-time through ePOS, web, SMS, in-app. Even better, you can target these offers by selecting specific customers, stores, customer profiles and clubs or groups.

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Benefits of Promotion’s engine

Manage end to end Promotions on the AzpiralPRO

Increase customer engagement with customised promotions

Create a seamless in-store and online customer experience

Boost customer loyalty with enticing promotions and offers

Measure promotions and offer performance

Promotion Software that delivers personalised customer experiences

AzpiralPRO promotions engine

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