Gamification Loyalty strategy: Excite and Engage your customers

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Gamification Loyalty strategy: Excite and Engage your customers

How it works
Gamification combined with customer loyalty strategy is a new phenomenon due to the proliferation of technology and gaming.

Gamification combines loyalty concepts, game design and customer data to excite and engage customers.
Gamification is a very effective strategy.

Games have been proven as a powerful method of influence and can change behaviour in any setting.
Gamifying-user interaction has become a prevalent strategy for collecting user behaviour, maintaining customer satisfaction, and enhancing customer loyalty.

Evolution of Gamification
People of every age have been exposed to gamification methods throughout their lives, whether it was a raffle at a fundraiser or spin the wheel for a spot prize.
Games have always been a great way to influence spend and engage people.

Like many good concepts, the evolution of technology has excelled gamification too. Making gamification a viable partner with a customer loyalty strategy.

Consumer generations nowadays particularly generation Y and X have been brought up in the digital age.
This exposure to digital and computer or online gaming has altered how they engage and interact.

Combining traditional gamification concepts with technology and loyalty strategies is a logical process to evolve with the needs of this generation of consumers.

Case Study: Play or Park by Topaz Energy
Topaz Play or Park Loyalty game was the first of its kind in Europe when it launched in 2012.
The Play or Park loyalty program successfully executes gamification as a loyalty strategy.

The play or Park loyalty program combine customer loyalty strategy,
gamification and integrated technology to deliver the successful loyalty program to their target audiences.

Customers have various methods to sign up to the loyalty game, online, instore or using the Play or Park loyalty app.
When a customer signs up they are assigned an account number which is on a loyalty card, a virtual i.d. or on the loyalty app.
Customers are awarded 200 bonus points for registering, this is the minimum a customer needs to play in the game.

The Game:
A customer collects points at each transaction in store by scanning their card or app at the till.
Each month there is a lifetime experience prize on offer.

One entry into the draw accounts for 200 points a customer has to decide if they are going to Play this month or Park and save their points for another month lifetime experience prize.

A customer can play as many times in as their points allow for any prize. The draw takes place at the end of each month using an algorithm and the winner is selected.
If a customer played and did not win they are entitled to a free treat from any topaz store.

Customers are communicated with regularly via SMS, in-app and email over the course of the month. This is crucial for the strategy.

For more on Topaz Play or Park

Best practices for Gamification

Understand your target audience.
There are a number of motivational elements that can be implemented into a gamification strategy.
This can make it difficult for brands to create a gamification strategy that appeals to their target audiences.

Creating a strategy to engage and motivate each of your target audiences requires a deep understanding of different customer expectations, needs and wants.

Invest in an integrated loyalty software with a CRM.
Gamification relies on the support of CRM.

Communication strategy
Regular and multi-channel communication is crucial for a gamification strategy.
It’s important that your customers are communicated regularly to encourage engagement with the program.
Social media to can aid awareness and participation too.

Best suited?
A Large customer-centric brand that has a deep understanding of their customers and would like to distinguish themselves from close competitors.

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