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New Update for AzpiralPRO: Gift card development

When you’re considering your marketing mix, many of the options available require a lot of energy on the front end. Building your database of newsletter recipients, creating compelling advertisements, or even designing a loyalty rewards system are all marketing elements that will pay off over time, but require investment of time, staff and budget to get off the ground.


Gift cards, on the other hand, can drive revenue for retailers quickly and with very little effort. They put money in the bank quickly, and are paid back over time with goods or services. In addition to that basic benefit, gift cards are also a useful marketing tool that will drive business directly back to you. When someone has a gift card with the name of your store in their wallet, they are most likely going to return to use it within the first year. In fact, according to Paytronix, 70% of gift card holders will return within the first six months to redeem the card.


Gift cards are often bought as gifts for others, which can add to your customer base by bringing in additional customers who might not otherwise shop with you. When you can deliver quality products or services upon their arrival in store, you have the opportunity to turn them into repeat customers.


Moreover, many people who arrive in store intending to use a gift card often spend more than the gift card amount, resulting in additional revenue for retailers. With the holidays coming up, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the supply chain and how it might affect their gift -purchasing. That’s why now is the time to jump on the gift card train and ensure your customers have the option available to them as they are navigating the season of purchasing gifts for family and friends.


If you don’t yet offer gift cards to your customers, or if you are looking to streamline your gift card offering and incorporate it into your loyalty programme, AzpiralPRO can help. AzpiralPRO includes gift card functionality that allows clients to run their gift card programme online through their website. Our clients are able to choose whether they offer gift cards at specific locations or across a network of locations.


With AzpiralPRO, gift cards can be purchased online through the retailer’s website, or loaded and purchased at the EPOS. Balances will be available immediately online and in person across all locations. Additionally, gift cards can be redeemed by customers online or in person, and they can choose to use either full or partial amounts of the gift card balance. With our easily-accessible reports, clients will be able to instantly access information about outstanding balances, making the check-out process a breeze at the till — for customers and employees alike.


To learn more about how you can easily incorporate gift cards into your customer loyalty programme, send us a note at today.

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