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FAQs for the AzpiralPRO

Check out our FAQs and feel free to contact our team with any other questions you may have.

How do I login to AzpiralPRO?

aGo to the Azpiral website and click sign in button in the navigation tab, or type the AzpiralPRO url into your browser. Then insert your username and password and to login to the AzpiralPRO.

What features are available to me on AzpiralPRO?

aThe AzpiralPRO features include CRM, Digital offers, Communications, Customer profiling, Reports, Competition management and Store maintenance.

Where can I view a person’s transaction history?

a Using the CRM you  can view any loyalty Customers basket level data, in real-time.

Using the AzpiralPRO:

Step 1 -Select CRM< Step 2-Enter customer account number or enter customer name/address/mobile< Step 3- Click Search<Step 4 Select view<Step 5 Select transactions.

How do I set-up product offers?

aOffers can be setup for specific customers. Offers can also be setup across multiple stores.

Using the AzpiralPRO:

Step 1 Select Product offers< Step 2 Select add offer<Step 3 Select type of offer<Step 4 Enter the offer details required.

How can I communicate with my customers through AzpiralPRO?

aYou can send sms, e-mail, in-App messages through the AzpiralPRO to all your customers or specific customers.

All communications can be scheduled in advance. You can use the AzpiralPRO‘s analytics to view the success of your communication campaigns.

Can I profile my customers?

aYes. The AzpiralPRO Customer targeting tool allows  you can set up a profile for targeting specific customers based on certain criteria.

Can I automate some marketing processes?

a Yes. Loyalty Marketing Automation allows you to schedule automatic communications to customers based on a set of criteria outlined by the business. The criteria can be based on customer details i.e. gender, age, location or customer past purchases.


For a detailed technical explanation of  AzpiralPRO read our API documents.

FAQs for Retailers

Check out our FAQs and feel free to contact our team with any other questions you may have.

Why is customer engagement so important?


Quite simply “If your customers are made to feel as if they are outsiders, they will eventually find a competitor who makes them feel better about doing business with them.” Shep Hyken, customer service expert and author of The Cult of the Customer and The Amazement Revolution.

What is the key to successful customer loyalty schemes?


  1. Know your audience.
  2. Embrace digital communication.
  3. Personalise your interactions.
  4. Create a seamless customer experience.
  5. Learn to gauge true value. Value isn’t always financial!
How can I use AzpiralPRO to maximise the impact of my marketing spend?


1.Data capture – using the basket level data that can be displayed through the AzpiralPRO. Retailers can understand their customers and make better informed decisions for future campaigns. Retailers can also measure ROI using this data.

2.Digitise –Incorporate a digital aspect to your loyalty scheme to enhance your customer engagement.  Use digital promotions and offers excite your customers and drive sales.

3.Personalise – Consumers today demand a more personalised approach. Retailers can make simple changes like including products based on customers previous purchases.This creates a more meaningful relationship.

4. Analyse – Measure the ongoing effectiveness of your marketing efforts by on real results, such as message response rates, visit frequency, and increased spend.

Most of my sales are generated online. Is customer engagement really relevant to my business?


Yes. The principles of customer engagement remain exactly the same whether your business is online, offline or a mix of both. Highly engaged customers with remain more loyal. Increasing engagement with target customers and offering them a tailored customer experience will lead to a an overall boost in sales.

What is 'seamless' customer experience?

Consumers expect a seamless and stress-free experience. They expect to be able to use loyalty cards and reward points whether they are shopping online, via their mobile or in store. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of a seamless customer experience is to make it easy for customers to do business with your company.

Other than scanning a card at the ePOS, what other channels can I engage with customers and gather data?


1. Beacon technology 

Beacons which transmit signals to your customers mobile app can open a new channel to engaging with your customers. Retailers can  target customers with personal offers and digital promotions at the most relevant time such as they are in the store or nearby.

2. Social networks

Social media is a hangout spot for a large chunk of your audience so why overlook it? It is important to understand social media plays a significant role influencing your customer attitudes and perspectives. Powerful content such as photos, videos and top tips can distinguish you from your competition and influence your potential customer perspective on your brand.

3.Digital in the store

Shoppers are now engaging with multiple platforms (mobile, web, apps, social media) and their needs are evolving. Retailers need to adopt a digital aspect to their customer engagement in order to meet the needs of  their customers. Understanding their needs and reacting to them appropriately are what enhances relationships with your customers. However, in doing so do don’t neglect your “bricks and mortar” customer experience .

Is personalisation important for my loyalty scheme?


Tailored offers and targeted messages are crucial for retailers in today’s climate. There is a huge amount of content, products and services being advertised across multiple platforms, personalisation is a key ingredient for creating a meaningful relationship with your customers. Customer loyalty is built on relationship and familiarity, personalisation facilitates both.


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