How loyalty data can help align your businesses departments?

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Loyalty data

How loyalty data can help align your businesses departments?

I f you think Loyalty is just about rewarding customers for coming back, you’re highly mistaken. Integrated Loyalty software allows businesses to engage with your best customers whenever they touch your business, whether it’s marketing, sales or customer service. By having your data siloed in one easy to use platform it makes managing and aligning your business systems, messaging and goals clear for not only your business personnel but your customers who will get a clear consistent message.


A CRM is when stripped back is just your contacts diary with all your customer’s information. By using this one CRM and having your customer’s contact information in one place and sharing it across your business process, be it sales, marketing, customers support, the way you contact your customers is systematic and consistent. This leads to happy customers that become familiar with your business processes and reduce stain on personnel with an easy to follow system in place.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allows your staff to understand your customer’s motives, who are your best customers and times that they are most engaged or ready to buy. This information is hugely valuable to all departments as marketing now knows what content is needed to drive leads to sales. Once a lead is passed from marketing to sales, the sales department now knows what the conversation tone and outcome should be of an engagement. Finally, your service department will know what the customer expects based on data from your automation software and their actions during the buying journey.
This creates seamless customer interactions where a customer knows they are being looked after driving repeat business and referrals.


By having all data in one place, contacts, promotions and even communications your team can begin to build a bigger picture of the needs of a potential customer. They can reach out based on actions customers have taken from certain content delivered to them. The key to being able to pass this information from one department to the next is to have all departments working from the one platform where all this customer data exists. Through AzpiralPRO your marketing team can know more about a customer’s needs than the person who served them at the till and to drive more sales this level of data is needed in today’s modern marketing landscape.

Business analytics
Business analytics

Business Analytics

We’ve all heard the phrase data is the new oil but a lot of businesses tend to get stuck “drilling for oil” when they are using too many systems that don’t integrate or work well together. The AzpiralPRO software has open API’s (Application programming interfaces) these enable secure and authorised third-party connections to the AzpiralPRO. If your business has multiple systems, you can use integrated loyalty software to centralise these systems and get them working together.

Kepak, launched their award-winning Loyalty programme, Food Alliance, to identify and reward high- value customers. Kepak sells to end customer through various distribution partners and they had no visibility on the end customer data. They made use of AzpiralPRO software to integrate with their multiple distribution partners back-office systems. This allowed them to capture end-customer data, gain visibility on performance and reward their loyal customers.

Download the Kepak case study.

AzpiralPRO is an all in one solution for measuring your business success across all departments. You can measure your customer engagement rate and satisfaction levels, new customers you’ve gained, how many people made a repeat purchase, how many leads became opportunities and eventually sales.

As businesses get more competitive with the availability of high-tech systems to help drive business decisions through data, it’s forever becoming the norm that business must change their current systems to keep up. Business ecosystems have changed and to deliver the level of customer experience that’s demanded by your customers you need to have consistency across all departments that’s flawless. The key is to have your data siloed in one place that all departments are using, one key tool that drives your business.

In the digital world, businesses have a multi-faceted “ecosystem”. In this article, we are going to visit how these faces interact with one another and how loyalty programs and loyalty software fit into the mix.

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