How to choose a Loyalty technology partner?

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How to choose a Loyalty technology partner?

Partnering with a loyalty technology partner to deliver your loyalty strategy is vital in today’s digitised society.


With so many software companies out there specialising in different aspects of digital marketing and other customer engagement software it can be difficult to know what to look for.


Each company has a different approach for selecting a technology partner. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are looking for a potential loyalty technology partner.


1. Integration – Having a Loyalty software platform that can integrate with an ePOS, website or app facilitates data capture across multiple customer touchpoints, giving brands a detailed view of their customer’s behaviours. Integrated loyalty software ensures brands engage effectively across these touch points and deliver an Omni-channel experience with the brand.


2. Product development – Partner with a software company that continues to invest in their platform and can deliver the latest in digital loyalty technology trends. This prevents your loyalty program from going stale and keeps it relevant as you continue to create loyal customers. Look for a company that offers bespoke software development. Remember this won’t come without a price tag but it will ensure the longevity of your ever-growing loyalty strategy.


3. User-friendly software – Software as a service (saas) must be easy to use. Employees interacting with the platform should be able to use the platform with ease in order for the platform to be utilised throughout the company.


4. Customer support – Select a partner that offers good customer support to manage your queries, offer advice and tips, help set up communications campaigns, offers and promotions and liaise between you and their software development team.


5. Established Clients– What better reassurance than a thumbs up from a recognised brand and even better…..a few of them on a loyalty software company’s website.


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