How Influencer marketing and customer loyalty programs work together.

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Influencer Marketing and Customer Loyalty

How Influencer marketing and customer loyalty programs work together.

Influencer marketing as we know it today is really only at the beginning of its reign and according to a recent study by eMarketer, it’s only getting stronger. “84% of marketers say they would launch at least one influencer campaign within the next twelve months”.
In the past influencer marketing focused mostly on using celebrities to endorse their products. However, brands are now collaborating with these “ordinary people “to create brand awareness and drive engagement.
The rise in social media popularity, blogging, vlogging and brands desire to be perceived as approachable has led to the creation of modern, often millennial, self-branded, extroverts with an engaged audience are better known as Influencers and are leading the way in modern marketing.
Influencer marketing is now the fastest growing aspect of online marketing and has a profound effect on both Word-of-Mouth (WoM) and Digital-Word-of-Mouth (DWoM) marketing. According to Nielsen, WoM recommendation is the primary factor behind up to 50% of all purchase decisions.
Return on Investment
The eMarketers recent survey found that in the past year, over 80% of marketers who had undertaken campaigns collaborating with social media influencers found them effective for driving both engagement and awareness.
Based on the same study, the average influencer marketing campaign generates a return of $6.50 for every $1 invested. 70% earn more than a $2 return on every dollar, and 13% earn more than $19 on every dollar invested.
Influencer marketing and loyalty marketing.
Customer engagement and loyalty is crucial in today’s noisy marketplace. It is important for brands to connect with their audience to drive engagement and increase both Word of Mouth and Digital Word of Mouth marketing.
Influencers have become trusted, approachable and almost relatable personas with an engaged and loyal following that give brands collaborating with them a humanised and authentic voice.
Research shows 75% of customers will consult a friend during their purchasing decision journey. Replace the friend with the queen of fashion and recently turned business woman, Pippa O’Connor with the friend and your brand has the potential to directly reach 549,974 engaged followers through multiple channels.
However, social influence begins with the brand themselves. Good customer experience is fine-tuned by integrated loyalty software and data analytics and is then delivered through your loyalty strategy. By understanding your customers’ expectations and in turn meeting them is key to building a brands reputation.
After this, brands can use social influencers to promote their brand and further engage with the brand’s audience. Brands must understand their target audiences in order to select an appropriate influencer and equally it is important to note that influencers, although paid to work with brands, are customers and will choose to collaborate with brands they genuinely favour.
Implementing an integrated loyalty software that can leverage your customer’s data can aid the development of a good customer experience with the brand and also ensure brands can track engagement.
Using your loyalty analytics to track engagement as a KPI is crucial to assessing the success of each campaign. Engagement can be measured by tracking customers social media shares, retweets, likes or redemption in-store or online, competition entries and more.
Combining your influence marketing strategy and your loyalty program will ensure brands are optimising each opportunity to build long term customer relationships and depending on your loyalty strategy, reward your truly engaged customers.
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