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Jan Promo Ideas

No matter what the pandemic situation, January signals a fresh start. It’s time to take down the decorations, declutter the presses, and maybe even bin the last of the Christmas treats in lieu of fresher options. Some might dive straight into a new health eating regimen, while others might find fruit and veg a welcome departure after a few solid months of indulgence. Here are some ideas for January Loyalty Promotion Ideas!


Encourage Shoppers to use loyalty points


For retailers, January presents a fresh start and a new opportunity for loyalty promotion ideas as well. It’s time to pack away festive decorations and make space for new displays. Additionally, January provides a great time to find creative ways to get your customers to use any loyalty points they may have built up over the Christmas period but haven’t used yet.

We have a blog post devoted to the ways you can help customers use their loyalty points, and  helping your customers do so will encourage further loyalty. The last thing you need in January is for customers to feel that their points won’t get them anything. Instead, offer them opportunities to enter competitions that will liven up the dark winter months, or partner with third parties for deals they can avail of throughout the month.


Offer healthy swaps to pair with coffee


Another great way to build loyalty with customers is to understand when they might want a different option. If you typically run promotions offering a free or discounted bakery item with the purchase of a coffee (or vice versa), consider offering a swap for fruit salad or a small bag of nuts. This might appeal to those cutting down on sweets at the start of the year, but will also simply signal to customers that you understand they might want to change up their options.


Awareness days for January


Of course, the month starts off with New Year’s Day on the 1st, and it’s worth keeping in mind that many schools will return on the 4th or 5th of January, marking the beginning of the spring term. While Blue Monday (the third Monday of the month) may be made up by a marketing company, it’s still an opportunity to give your customers a boost. And you won’t want to miss International Chocolate Cake Day on the 27th, and let your customers know it’s alright if they’ve given up their New Year’s resolutions already.

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