AzpiraPRO’s latest release: The KPI Dashboard

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KPI Dashboard AzpiralPRO

AzpiraPRO’s latest release: The KPI Dashboard

Want to know if your loyalty strategy is working?


Our KPI dashboard is clean, customisable and filled with actionable data.


What is it?
Azpiral is pleased to introduce our KPI dashboard as part of our latest release.
The weekly KPI Dashboard is a customisable dashboard with a range of loyalty KPI’s created to make, both group and store level, analysis easier and ensures businesses loyalty program goals are being achieved.


What can it do for you?
1.Saves users time – Clean and user-friendly dashboards make it easy to view and analysis kPI’s for your business saving you time each week.


2.Improves understanding – Manage and monitor weekly figures on a group level and by selected stores to understand what marketing initiatives are working for your business.


3.Easy to use and customisable – Select your custom KPI categories and headings and save it to view your customised dashboard each time you view the dashboard.


4.Simple to track progress – Create targets and goals and use KPI’s to track weekly progress.


5.Convenient – Weekly reports stored and available to access on the AzpiralPRO portal at any time.


How it works?

The dashboard overview displays the total for the week period selected.
Loyalty KPI’s are grouped into five KPI categories with specific KPI’s associated with each category.


The five KPI categories are Sales Performance, Customer performance, Communications, Spend/Gift card performance and Offer/Rewards performance.

Each category contains a range of KPI’s and figures within it.All KPI’s within categories and categories themselves can be removed from display on the dashboard based on your personal/business preferences.All KPI’s and categories can be viewed at a group level or individual store level.


Users with multiple stores can sort stores by ascending or descending order or using the filter tab users can select the store(s) they would like to compare or focus on. All data displayed on the screen can be exported to excel.


Weekly chart view and daily chart view show a visual of sales v’s transactions by the week or by the daily within the period selected.
This a clean a quick way to view top-level KPI’s by a group or by individual store.


The KPI dashboard is available via the reports and dashboard section on the AzpiralPRO. These will replace the nine-page pdf sent to clients weekly. Instead, a link will be sent via email each week but the KPI dashboard is available to view anytime on the AzpiralPRO. Azpiral support staff will contact clients over the next few weeks to offer training on the KPI dashboard.


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