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Loyalty Academy

One year ago, we launched the AzpiralPRO Loyalty Academy, designed to offer exclusive tutorials and how-to videos for our users to master all that our loyalty platform has to offer. We wanted to give you an update on the status of the AzpiralPRO Loyalty Academy, and let you know what’s new, what’s coming up in the next few months, and what’s been popular for our users over the last year.


Our goal with the AzpiralPRO Loyalty Academy was to make sure our users knew exactly how to use the total functionality of the platform because we know that when you’re using AzpiralPRO to its full potential, it really works to build customer loyalty. And while our team is always available to help, bite-sized modules that can supercharge your customer loyalty programme from the comfort of your desk can be even easier to squeeze into busy schedules.


What’s New


First up, we’d love to share with you what’s new in the AzpiralPRO Loyalty Academy, in case you haven’t had the chance to log in lately.


We introduced the C02 Module, giving you the full run-down on how to use our C02 calculator, an ideal tool for businesses looking to reduce their impact on the environment by showing customers their C02 usage and giving them opportunities to offset them with third-party environmental initiatives.


We also launched gift card functionality that allows clients to run their gift card programme online through their website. Our clients are able to choose whether they offer gift cards at specific locations or across a network of locations.


We have given our users the ability to take advantage of loyalty exclusions, whereby they can restrict the points customers can redeem for certain products that might have low margins or are restricted by the government. This allows retailers the flexibility to adjust points exclusions with the click of a button.
Finally, the AzpiralPRO Coupons module brings clarity to coupon promotions available on the platform. Users can learn all about how to incorporate coupon promotions into their customer loyalty programme.



What’s Popular


It’s always fascinating for us — and for fellow users — to get a glimpse into what’s been popular on the AzpiralPRO Loyalty Academy. This year, it’s been all about the promotions and customer communications. Our users have been especially interested in learning how to schedule, send, pause and stop SMS messages, in-app messages and emails to customers. We know that once users master this functionality, they have the flexibility to contact customers as much or as little as possible.



What’s Coming


We have lots planned for the AzpiralPRO Loyalty Academy in the next year. So, what’s next? We’ve got super-useful how-to guides, including How to Operate Loyalty Functionality on All Integrated EPOS to Azpiral, which will involve lessons on scanning of loyalty identifiers, earning and redeeming points, earning and redeeming offers, and EPOS messaging.

Our users have also been schooling themselves on setting up all sorts of promotions, from multi-buy offers to discounts by departments. These two and three minute videos offer step by step instructions that will have you whipping up promotional discounts for your customers in no time.


If you’re interested in learning more about AzpiralPRO and the robust Loyalty Academy you’ll instantly gain access to when you introduce AzpiralPRO Platform to your business, we’d love to chat. Contact us on info@azpiral.com to learn more.

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