How to create a loyalty card app for businesses?

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Loyalty card app

How to create a loyalty card app for businesses?

The traditional method of reaching customers to join a loyalty program was communicating through coupons, flyers and notices that they could exchange for products or discounts. However, as the world is becoming progressively swept up in the technological revolution, digital channels are hugely important to Loyalty programs for modern customers.

It’s time to go digital, more specifically- go mobile. Mobile phones are easily accessible to most people and are a daily accessory to modern life. By adapting your loyalty scheme to include a mobile application, you can easily reach a variety of audiences, for instance, Millennials and Gen Z, while also keeping up to date.

Mobile Loyalty app

Let’s look at some features you should consider when developing a loyalty program app.

1- Log-In and Registration
It’s good practice to provide several ways your users can sign in such as via social media, email, loyalty card number etc. If a user is already a customer and is a member of your loyalty program, chances are they already have a membership card. You must make sure the app recognises this card information to avoid confusion and customer frustration. Some loyalty apps allow existing customers to scan a picture of their loyalty card as a form of registration. Whether a user is signing up as a new or existing customer, registration or login should be a seamless process and integrate with the current loyalty program.

2- Personal Profiles
Through these profiles, your app will collect information about its users. This can be used to inform future offers and give you insight into your target market and their needs and preferences.

3- Reward System
If you already have a reward system in place, you can just move information about this to your mobile application. This way, you can easily combine loyalty program strategies.

4- Communication through in-App messaging
By including in-app messaging inbox, you can communicate with customers and make them aware of promotions and offers relevant to them as well as company updates or initiatives. This can help you generate more customer engagement and open dialogue between you and your customer.

5- Geolocation
Integrating maps into your mobile app and knowing your customer’s location will allow you to offer the best-personalised deals. This will make your offers more relevant and make it more convenient for customers to find your stores and the best deals for them.

6- Customised offers
Loyalty programs focus on customising services to increase sales. Use information about your customers, specifically their purchase history, to suggest special offers to them and increase your chance of a purchase.

7- Analytics
To offer a relevant app, you need to know how your loyalty system works and how people use it. A system capable of performing this analysis is required for a loyalty application. Integrate analytics to gain insights into user behaviour and tailor your loyalty program to customer preferences to increase effectiveness.

8- Effective UX Design
Remember that your app’s interface must be unique and user-friendly. Marketing campaigns and promotions are never “one size fits all” and neither are apps. Design separate programs for each segment and function of the application for greater efficiency and better usage.

9- Customer care
Make sure you have robust customer support built into the app. You can also invest in gamification, push notifications, mobile payment and other features that would best suit your clients.

The future of loyalty programs is undoubtedly mobile-driven. Convenient and user-friendly, mobile applications could you help you transform your loyalty program and provide a better service for your customers. A happy and understood customer is the key to loyal and profitable sales.

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