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Loyalty Hub

The Loyalty Hub – An Introduction.


Last November, we launched our Loyalty Academy. This was created to educate AzpiralPRO users on how to use the extensive functionality available on the AzpiralPRO through short explainer videos and step by step guides.


Over the past six months, we have added 10 new videos and explainer guides including KPI Dashboards and Marketing Automation. We will continue to develop the Azpiral Loyalty Academy to reflect our ongoing product development so our clients can engage and reward their customers using innovative software.



The next phase of the Loyalty Academy is here. We are proud to announce our newest addition to the Azpiral Loyalty Academy….The Loyalty Hub.


The Loyalty Hub is part of the Azpiral Loyalty Academy, it is designed to inform and inspire creative thinking for your customer loyalty strategy, promotions, give you the latest industry news and some helpful tools.



The Loyalty Hub is divided into 4 categories, made up of articles, guides and checklists.
– Strategy and Trends
– Tips and Tricks
– Market Research
– Loyalty Marketing Templates (Coming Soon)



You do not have to complete the modules or sections in any order, and you can pick and choose what categories and topics you would like to read about.


All content is downloadable so that you can save it for a later time and share it with colleagues. Like the Loyalty Academy content, we will regularly update the content included in each category to ensure you have the latest and most up to date Loyalty industry news and tips and tricks.



Who is it for?

The Loyalty Hub is suitable for;
• All AzpiralPRO users, Loyalty Managers and Marketing teams keen to bring their loyalty programme strategy to the next level.


• Potential users researching loyalty programme strategy.



To get started just sign up to the Azpiral Loyalty Academy.

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