3 ways to reduce loyalty point build up that your customers will love

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Loyalty point strategy

3 ways to reduce loyalty point build up that your customers will love

Many retailers fall into the trap of thinking that simply providing a few standard ways for customers to redeem loyalty points is enough to get customers interested in building them up. But retailers who engage in a loyalty points strategy that gets creative with points redemption options can really engage customers at a higher rate.


But a thorough loyalty points strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead, it can be as simple as offering new and different ways customers can reduce loyalty point build-up that your customers will love. From competitions to special offers, here are three ways you can get creative with your loyalty points strategy.


1. Competitions


Competitions are a great way to encourage your customers to use their loyalty points by allowing them to redeem points against entry into a competition. For example, Circle K runs a clever competition managed by Azpiral that involves customers using their loyalty points in exchange for winning extensive prizes. In the Play or Park competitions, a customer can choose to use their loyalty points or park them until the next competition if they aren’t keen on the prize offered. Customers are given 200 points just for signing up, and can earn a point for every litre of diesel or petrol purchased.


2. Rewards


Many retailers offer their customers the opportunity to redeem points with rewards, but have you considered the idea of third party rewards in exchange for customer loyalty points? Dulux Trade Points is one such example, where Dulux rewards those in its loyalty programme by entering them into a draw to win a third-party item, like a paint sprayer (perfect for painting tradesmen), or redeeming their points for restaurant vouchers or concert tickets.


3. Offers


Finally, offering customers the opportunity to redeem their loyalty points against offers in specific stores can really help to build loyal spending. Spar customers who are registered for their store’s loyalty programme allows customers to earn points on purchases and redeem them against rewards, both products in store and third-party options with the likes of Lifestyle Sports or OmniPlex theatres. Customers can also avail of offers specific to their local store, like receiving a free coffee after purchasing five.


These loyalty points strategies give retailers a range of options to entice their customers to use up their loyalty points build-up and keep them coming into the store for more. When customers feel they’re being offered great value in return for their purchases, they’re more likely to return again and again.


If you’re hoping to design a comprehensive loyalty points strategy, look no further. Azpiral can help you create just the right mix of offers and rewards to grow your loyalty programme. Contact us at info@azpiral.com today to get started.


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