How to launch a loyalty program?

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Loyalty program Launch

How to launch a loyalty program?

The success of a loyalty program depends on how effectively you reach your customers. No matter how much you have planned and structured the program and its rewards, without a good launching tactic, it will not have the same impact. Launching your loyalty program with Azpiral may seem daunting at first, however, success is not difficult to reach if you already know the pitfalls. Here are some of the best practices for successfully launching your loyalty program.

Train your employees to promote the program.
Employees at your establishment who have direct interaction with customers can help publicise your program.

First, they need to be educated about how it works and be prepared advocate passionately the program to their customers. It is also important for them to be able to answer any questions that may arise.

Part of the success of this form of outreach depends on employees’ own conviction about the benefits of the program. Otherwise, they will not feel confident in inviting customers to participate.

Promotion material
Although we are in the days of the internet, where digital media is gaining more and more space, it is important to invest in the best traditional promotional materials to advertise your program.

This type of material is critical to gaining attention and demonstrating the positioning of your loyalty program through visual identity. All graphic elements, together with colours, shapes and logotypes printed in any form, serve to create program identification.

You must align the planning of the fidelity program with the creation of this material to generate an impact for the launch of the program and its dissemination in the market. Flyers, folders, banners and even giveaways are attractive and grab your customers attention.

The unseen is not remembered, so try to reach as many potential customers as possible. Using traditional printed promotional material and digital media can help you do this.

Disclosing your loyalty program on your website is a good way to entice your customer to come in-store and enquire about the promotion.

A button or banner on the homepage can be very effective in grabbing a website viewer’s attention.

Public Relations
No well-structured organisation can survive without well-built communication.

Often, Loyalty programs have layers and rules in order for them to work and without effective messaging, it can be too difficult for the customer to understand and this can deter them from joining your loyalty program.

One of the best ways to explain your new loyalty scheme is through public relations.

Well driven PR can promote a good image of your company or institution and communicate clearly the structure of your loyalty program.

By giving a sample or detailed explanation of your loyalty program to a PR professional who has both public and traditional media expertise, your Loyalty program message can be communicated effectively to the public and understood easily. This encourages participation and word of mouth marketing.

Launch Day
Launching a loyalty scheme on the market can be the beginning of a wonderful journey or a total fiasco.

This is a key moment that needs as much care and attention it can possibly get. Make sure to create a feeling of expectation and excitement for this launch day, starting weeks or even months in advance.

An event about the program can be a great idea. Make an event, even a small one, that introduces your program to an interested audience that you deem most likely to use a loyalty program.

You’ll find that this engagement strategy has incredible power and ends up persuading many to join the program immediately.

Social Networks can be a powerful tool to help you. Create a business profile, build a fanpage and whatever else you deem necessary to make your launch day impactful.

Take advantage of this space to generate valuable content that presents the advantages and benefits of acquiring your loyalty program and even the experience your customers can expect by joining.

By creating a successful launch day, educating your employees and paying attention to good promotional materials and PR, launching your loyalty program with Azpiral is sure to be a success.

With this successful first step, your company is on the right track to greater sales and superior customer satisfaction

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