Loyalty Promotion Ideas for April – Put a Spring in your Loyalty Strategy.

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Loyalty Promotion Ideas

Loyalty Promotion Ideas for April – Put a Spring in your Loyalty Strategy.

Spring has sprung. New Seasons bring different energies so it might be time for a Loyalty programme promotion review and refresh that engage and excite customers.



Spring Clean Out Of Season Stock

Springtime makes people think about Spring cleaning. Freshen up your stock and help sell products that are less likely to be sold as we move into the summer months. Add product discounts offers to stock that is no longer in demand. Bring attention to offers and create some urgency by using last chance, limited offer, before they go marketing message around the offer.



Revive your Registration with fresh offers

With new beginnings and a sense of excitement in the air, it’s a good time to emphasise loyalty member registration. We found that offering customers an exclusive promotion in return for joining your loyalty programme works best.


Why not run a points promotion for customers that join within a certain period. i.e 200 free points for customers when you join our loyalty programme in April.



Run a Dual Price Offer that shows one price for non-loyalty members and a reduced price for Loyalty programme members.



To get the most from a dual price offer ensure your messaging about the offer is clear. Put a specific time on the offer to encourage customers to join up. Highlight the price differences across communication channels and other added benefits to being a loyalty programme member and finally select the products that are included in the dual price offer strategically. Use seasonal demand to guide you.



Supercharge Community Spirit with Awareness Days promotions.

Encourage community spirit by creating a fuss around Awareness Day. These are lesser-known holidays that are a great excuse to spread some joy, help raise awareness, open conversations with customers and acknowledge certain customer segments.


This month there are lots of awareness days worldwide and nationally like 2nd April is World Autism Awareness Day, 7th April World Health Day and 22nd April is World Earth Day. Centring loyalty promotions and communications around these days can be hugely beneficial for brands and communities alike.


For instance, use your loyalty programme to set up a fixed price donation per product purchased in store on that day to help support a worthy cause.



Encourage positive behavioural change by offering a discount by department offer on environmentally friendly or sustainable products on World Earth day.



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