Loyalty Promotion Ideas for July – Schools out for Summer

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Loyalty Promotion ideas

Loyalty Promotion Ideas for July – Schools out for Summer

Schools out for Summer!


July, the month of fun, filled with long, dry sunny days, plenty of social outings, concerts, celebrations, and vacations. However, for retailers, it can be a slow sales month. This year, transform that summer lull into Summer Lovin’ with some exciting loyalty promotions.




Put a Push on Summer stock.
Multibuy Fixed Discount Offer help incentivise multiple purchases of the same products. So, take a summer-specific product and add a fixed discount when a customer buys a certain amount of them in one transaction. For example, buy three items of X get €1 off on each of them.



This type of offer allows you to put a push on items that are seasonal or in high demand for Summer. This way you are not left with unwanted stock.



Launch new season products.
Increase customer spend by introducing new season products earlier. Large retailers like Marks and Spencer’s have introduced new season products earlier in the Summer as consumer behaviour trends show customer bore easily.



To keep them interested and excite them start promoting new products. Add a points promotion or a product discount offer to the product for a limited time to pique their interest and encourage spend. This allows businesses to reach out via customer touchpoints stay at the forefront of their minds.



Play with Awareness Days
Each month Azpiral highlight some of the many Awareness and holiday days that can be a source of creative promotions for businesses. July has a range of different awareness days and holidays such as USA Independence Day (4th July), World Chocolate Day (7th July) and this year, the Summer Olympic games start 23rd July.



For more dates for your diary visit @Azpiral.



4th July US Independence Day
US Independence Day is celebrated worldwide. Why not join the celebrations. Use a Multibuy Fixed Discount Offer to help incentivise multiple purchases of the same products. Link it to the day by choosing a US product, products with US colours red, blue, and white or products that will help celebrations.




7th July – World Chocolate Day
It is safe to say chocolate is deserving of its very own day. Put a spotlight on your chocolate range or introduce a new chocolate brand to your store with a Multibuy offer, buy 5 get one free in the one transaction or use a department discount, buy any number of products in a specific department, and get a fixed % discount. For example, buy any number of chocolate bars and get 20% off today.





23rd Opening ceremony – Summer Olympic games Tokyo 2021.
It happens once every four years so why not be -a- bit be adventurous with it. Add a gamification element to a loyalty programme can boost engagement among a variety of audiences. Create fictional teams and encourage customers to register for a team. Create a series of games/tasks, like the Olympics, that customer can do to collect points for their team.



Based on their engagement or participation they get points for their team. To make it exciting teams could lose points based on inactivity or losses. Winners are entered in a draw for a prize or a charity donation on the winning team’s behalf.




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