Loyalty Promotion Ideas for May – Fresh Strategy for Summer

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Loyalty Promotion Ideas for May – Fresh Strategy for Summer

May is often the start of warmer weather and a glimpse of what is ahead, Summer. People dust off the bbq and wash down the garden furniture in preparation for the many occasions that take place in May. It also has some great Awareness Days that add some fun to promotions. Here are some fresh loyalty promotion ideas for May.



1. Get Competitive

Competitions are a brilliant way to create excitement, engage, reconnect with customers, and attract new loyal customers. Run a” Summer Starter” competition in exchange for a specific amount of loyalty points per entry. Do not forget to encourage the customer to sign up for the loyalty programme by extending the competition entry for one registration as a new loyalty member.



Tips to help competition success


Understand your customers – Make sure the prize is something that they want.
Limit the running time of your competition – create an urgency to enter.
Make it measurable – ensure you get engagement from your customers that you can measure i.e an email address, a new loyalty member.
Shout it from the rooftops – create a strong awareness campaign.



2. Combine Offers to excite your customers

With Summer on the horizon, outdoor dining like bbq’s become more popular. Combination offers work well to incentivise customers to buy multiple products and try new products.


When setting up the combination offer remember to pick products that logically go well together. Also, select products that have a similar price point.


3. Loyalty Promotions ideas using Awareness Days

Star Wars Day – Give extra points or give a free item for loyalty members that are called Luke or Lia that scan their loyalty card in-store on the 4th of May.


Cinco de Mayo – Run a combination offer on Mexican themed products. Incorporating the “Cinco” part could be good when thinking about offers or promotions. Cinco meaning five.


International Nurses Day- Reward nurses on the day by offering them an exclusive offer or entry into a competition if they scanned their loyalty card or app on the day. Encourage nurses to sign up for your loyalty programme by offering them personalised offers. The more information you can gather the more targeted and personalised you become.



Awareness Days for May


Awareness days are a great way to reach new audiences, engage with target audiences and create excitement around your loyalty promotions.


Some Awareness Days to note this May are
May 4th Star Wars Day
May 5th Cinco de Mayo
May 12th International Nurses Day.



Use your loyalty programme software to create impressive loyalty promotions and campaigns around these awareness days.


More Awareness Days for May on @azpiral



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