Loyalty trends in the Asia–Pacific region: App happy

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Asian loyalty trends

Loyalty trends in the Asia–Pacific region: App happy

In developed markets of Asia-Pacific, smaller convenience store and mini markets are the most popular retail type. This is largely due to their shopper’s on-the-go lifestyle.
Meanwhile, large retail stores saw a continual loss of sales and a decline in market share as a result of the increased popularity of convenience stores.
In order to undo the damage and re-establish themselves in the market, they use well- designed loyalty programs to increase customer engagement and boost revenue.
According to the Nielsen survey 2016 seven in 10 consumers with online access in India and Southeast Asia participate in one or more retail loyalty programs.
Participation is lower in Greater China but retailers in China are using loyalty to bridge the gap between online and bricks and mortar businesses.
Many Chinese retailers are implementing a mobile channel to access their loyalty program in order to encourage participation.
China is a renowned mobile market, where more than 95% of internet users rely on smartphones to access the web and eight out of ten respondents to the Nielsen revealed they would prefer mobile app loyalty programs.
Digital methods to access or participate in loyalty programs are preferred in the Asian – Pacific region rather than more traditional methods such as scanning a loyalty card, that is preferred across Europe and New Zealand.
Digital methods include using a mobile number or email address as an identifier, accessing a retailer website and of course retailer mobile apps.
Asia–Pacific has the highest percentage of loyalty program participants in the world that say store-specific loyalty mobile apps are most appealing.
In particular, regions like Thailand, India and China.
In fact, mobile apps are regarded so highly that 69% of loyalty program members in Asia- Pacific agree they are more likely to participate in a loyalty program if a mobile app is available, compared to 56% globally.
Asia – Pacific loyalty members value exclusive offers as part of a loyalty program more than other countries across the globe.
An interesting observation about the Asian – Pacific consumers is they have a unique value for special events offered through a loyalty program.
Consumers in Singapore, Malaysia, and particularly in Thailand place a significantly higher level of value on member-only events than consumers across the globe.
In PwC’s Global Retail and Consumer practice survey, how Asian consumers receive promotions was analysed and revealed varied results.
The results point to differences within the greater Asian region. Consumers in Southeast Asia prefer offers received via email, followed by hard copy offers.
While Chinese consumers’ has changed from text messages to offers delivered using mobile applications.

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