Marketing Automation for Loyalty programs FAQ’s

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation for Loyalty programs FAQ’s

1.What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to software platforms designed for marketing departments and organisations to effectively market across multiple channels online via email, social media, websites, etc. Marketing automation automates repetitive tasks and saves time for marketing departments.


2. Who uses Marketing Automation?

In general, it’s the marketing department within a company. However, marketing automation can be used by any organisation or anyone in the organisation responsible for distributing content through online channels.


3. When do I need to consider investing in Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation works best for businesses with a great volume of leads/ customers in their database that they want to engage with regularly and effectively.


Businesses should consider Marketing Automation when they are marketing across multiple channels to customers.


If marketing teams are spending more than two hours a week on repetitive tasks that could be automated then Marketing Automation should be considered.


4. How will Marketing automation benefit my loyalty program?

An integral part of any loyalty program is communication. Most loyalty programs use email, social media and mobile channels to communicate with members.


Personalisation is also a key aspect of any modern loyalty program but it can be difficult to achieve. Marketing Automation can increase personalisation through reactionary communications with members. Marketing Automation ensures consistency in your communications with loyalty customers. This combination of personalisation and consistency leads to greater engagement with loyalty members and in turn an increase in loyalty.


Marketing Automation makes cross-promotional activities easier as the process can be automated across channels, again, enhancing consistency and reach. This is a good idea for your loyalty program as it can help identify customer’s patterns with different channels, giving businesses a better understanding of their target audiences.


Businesses can use Marketing Automation to reconnect with customers that may have stopped shopping for your brand, we call them defecting customers. Automate communication to these customers to encourage them to engage with your brand.

5. Best practices for successful Marketing Automation?

Map out your leads: Marketing Automation without leads is like a car with no engine, going nowhere. Firstly, make sure you have a database of leads/customers that you can communicate with.


Make your message meaningful: Setup triggers and corresponding messages to these triggers that are meaningful to your customer’s journey, for example, if a customer registers for your loyalty program, send them a welcome text or if it’s your customers Birthday send them a personalised birthday message.


Make adjustments: As you learn more about your customers and understand different buying cycles update or add triggers and communications to enhance engagement and nurture relationships.


6. Is Marketing Automation just for B2C companies?

No. Marketing Automation is a great tool for building and nurturing relationships with ease. Relationships might be B2C or B2B but either way, if it’s for lead generation or current customers Marketing Automation fills the same role and is suitable for both B2C and B2B companies.

7. What to look for in Marketing Automation software?
Today’s marketers require Omni-channel (Read more ) platforms that provide a seamless customer experience regardless of whether customers are on a mobile device, in physical stores or browsing online from a laptop or any other device.


Businesses also need to leverage their customer data in order to understand, communicate and engage effectively with their customer base.
With these in mind, your Marketing Automation software needs to be able to help reach customers on the various channels that you use to communicate whether it’s email, mobile, website, apps (mobile app link)etc.

Make sure your Marketing Automation software provider has the capability of providing reports and analytics on your marketing efforts, preferably in real-time.

Most importantly, Marketing Automation software won’t do it all. Invest in an integrated system with an ecosystem of other third-party tools, for instance, a customer management system, and smart analytics. If you’re using it with a loyalty program, consider a system with reward or promotions tools.

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