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Customer engagement Topaz

Measuring customer engagement using your loyalty program – Topaz Energy

The evolution of customer engagement

Research in enterprise shows a shift in businesses strategies from cost-driven to customer-centric strategies.
Companies are using an array of analytic software to capture and relay customer data in order to gain a better understanding of their customers.



Some of the leading companies are using loyalty strategies to harness customer data and gain valuable insights into their target audiences.



Brands that excel in excellent customer experience focus on using customer data to enhance engagement with their customers, through personalisation, targeted rewards, promotions and competitions.


Trends have shown markets are moving from a “sales era,” which focused on convincing people to buy their products and services, toward a “social era,” in which companies focus on engaging customers through compelling and interesting content to build a personal long-term relationship between the company and consumer.



Increasing interest in customer engagement has paralleled the evolution of the internet and the emergence of new digital technologies like social media, blogs, YouTube. As well as the growth in popularity of devices such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches etc.



Which facilitate this transition to customer-centric strategies and enhanced customer engagement. However, getting it right is the difficult part.


About Topaz energy

In 2013, Fuel markets predicted a rapid decline, which would lead to a loss of market share for Topaz. Topaz decided to focus on building customer relationships in order to retain its market position.



With 444 stores nationwide they implemented the Play or Park loyalty program, the program was created with a gamification element, designed to excite and engage their customers. The program was the first of its kind in Europe.



Over the last four years, the loyalty program has reached major success winning multiple marketing and customer experience awards, retaining its position as Ireland’s largest convenience and fuel retailer as well as fully engaging its customer base.



Customer engagement objectives

The ambition with ‘PLAY or PARK’ was to create

1. Mass participative platform for the brand to regularly engage its customers.



2. Send personalised communications that are carefully choreographed around each monthly game to maximise excitement and participation.



3. Creating a seamless customer experience that fosters deep, regular engagement and makes rewards feel tangible.



Each customer was invited to PLAY via a FREE text, the ‘PLAY or PARK’ App or their personalised web page on ‘


Customer engagement figures last month January 2017.

Last month’s Play or Park analytics showed Topaz’s customer engagement is not slowing down any time soon. The Play or Park experience was a brand new SEAT Ateca.



The competition raised huge excitement among Topaz customers, even though it’s not the first car Topaz have given as a Play or Park experience.



Topaz sent their monthly communications via SMS, web message, in-app messaging and email to their impressive 471,348 customers.



To which, the competition for the SEAT Ateca, received 128,933 entries. This is a remarkable 15.06% engagement from customers following the total communications sent from Topaz in January for the SEAT Ateca.



Customer engagement is a complex concept to measure, as it has multiple and unmeasurable elements that reflect customer engagement such as word of mouth.



However, simply focusing on your customer’s reactions to your communications or other social media campaigns can be a good way of gauging if your customers are engaging with your marketing efforts.



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