How to run a multi-brand loyalty program without compromising your brand?

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How to run a multi-brand loyalty program without compromising your brand?

AzpiralPRO‘s multi-brand loyalty functionality is the answer. Multi-brand loyalty is nothing new however, Azpiral has developed multi-brand loyalty with an edge. Multi-brand Loyalty more commonly means using one card and avail of multiple brands loyalty offers.


AzpiralPRO multi-brand loyalty allows multiple brands to run their loyalty programs in the same store and allow the customer avail of the benefits of each loyalty program while using all the different branded loyalty cards. Meaning brands can host their individual and branded loyalty program in the same location but the customer if signed up to more than one loyalty program in that location can benefit from the associated loyalty program offerings.


For instance, brands like Spar, Circle K and barista bar coffee all have their own loyalty strategies and loyalty programs but might all be in the one store, like a service station. Using the AzpiralPRO multi-loyalty functionality multiple brands can run their different loyalty programs all under the same roof and a customer with both a spar card and a circle K loyalty membership can benefit from both loyalty programs using each branded loyalty card in that location.



Advantages of AzpiralPRO‘s multi-brand loyalty V’s Other Multi-brand Loyalty;
– Builds a strong brand coalition with other brands without comprising your brand.
– Brands can coexist in one location despite their individual loyalty strategies and programs.
– No alterations need to brand loyalty strategy or program.
– No additional loyalty costs i.e. design and printing new cards, information flyers, staff training.
– Reinforces strong brand identity.
– Allows brands to nurture customer relationships in their own way.


AzpiralPRO multi-brand loyalty allows brands to continue developing a relationship with their customers through their branded loyalty program without joining an umbrella loyalty program with generic branded cards and loyalty strategy.


Azpiral developed multi-brand loyalty functionality for clients in the fuel and convenience sector. It made sense, considering most large motorway petrol stations have multiple well-known brands on site. Azpiral has since found that multi-brand loyalty has worked particularly well in the pharmacy sector too. As pharmacies often sell a range of different brands and some brands have their own loyalty program.


If your brand is interested in AzpiralPRO‘s multi-brand loyalty or any other aspect of loyalty software.


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