6 simple tips to optimise your email marketing

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email marketing

6 simple tips to optimise your email marketing

Did you know?
Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

Email marketing excels in strategic marketing to target audiences.
Keep in mind emails are used as a method to sign up for most social media platforms and subscriptions across the internet.

Therefore, email is a rich source of customer data and reveal insights into consumer behaviour.
Using this data enables companies to target specific audiences with relevant information or promotions.

Email marketing leads itself to personalisation, this influences customer relationships with brands and aids customer retention.
It is a crucial tool for brand awareness, lead generation, customer retention and sales.

However, getting it right can be difficult. Here are some of our top tips for email marketing success.

1. Grow your email list- honestly.
Don’t buy subscriptions.
Create good content on your website and blog and this will entice users to sign up for more updates.

Allow readers to add preferences to the type of content they would like to receive from you.

Ensure your subscribe box can be found easily. It’s worth A/b testing the placement of the subscriber box on your site.

Give them the option to sign up for less frequent emails or emails that are only on a given topic

2. Segment your target audiences.
Tailored emails to specific audiences through segmentation get 50% more clicks than their counterparts.
Divide your target audiences by past purchases, demographics or types of content preferences selected and send tailored promotions to your target audiences.

3. Integrated technology
If you use multiple marketing tools to manage marketing tasks consider investing in an integrated software that will integrate with existing tools and manage your marketing tasks centrally.

4. Add social media links to Emails
Always add your social media sharing and follow buttons to your emails in order to boost reach and also give readers another channel to engage with your brand. This also increases brand visibility.

5. CTA’s within the email
Remember to add a clear call to action within your email. Ensure your CTA is at the top of your email to maximise reader engagement.

6. Test subject lines to maximise the open rate.
Numerous variables can impact the open rate of an email.
It is recommended that marketers spend time on wording the email subject line and avoid spammy content.
Where possible personalise the subject line.

Things to avoid in an email subject line;
Avoid symbols $€ ! in the subject line they tend to be seen as spammy and can often be picked up by spam filters and be placed in junk folders.

Avoid words like free, ad, cash, assets again can often be picked up by spam filters and be placed in junk folders.

Also, avoid using all CAPITAL LETTERS and bold or italics in your subject lines and emails.

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