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Promotion ideas August

August, the final month of the summer holidays before the school year restarts. August is jam-packed with social and sports events. It’s the last hurrah before routine resumes. As well as fun-filled celebrations it’s often associated with preparation, harvesting is done in preparation for winter months, back to school shopping begins in preparation for the start of a new school year.



With this idea of preparation in mind, we have outlined some loyalty promotion ideas to help businesses market to customers.


Understanding what your customer’s mindset is at a particular time of year allows you to meet their needs and expectations and in turn market and communicate to them, effectively.



Create a ripple effect
Businesses may see a surge in spending during August. The Shop and Save (at a specific period) offer available on the AzpiralPRO loyalty software allows businesses to offer customers a discount, if they spend a certain amount, at a later date. All details of the offer can be customised through the AzpiralPRO software. An offer like this does two things, firstly, it incentives spending a higher amount in a store, discouraging customers to shop elsewhere, and secondly it encourages customers to come back at a later date. Giving businesses the opportunity to wow them again and nurture customer relationships.



Make it easy
Combination Discount offers are a great way to incentive customer spend. Many customers have a list with multiple items to tick off. Launch a combination discount offer and include relevant products to the offer. Making it a no brainer for busy customers to get through their list quicker while businesses clear stock and see an increase in customer spend. Combination discount offers can include multiple products across different departments. Businesses can customise the offer to suit their business offering, fix the discount and specify the period the offer runs.



Awareness Days August
August has some significant dates for the diary between sports events, holidays, and awareness days. Some to note are the bank holiday in Ireland (2nd August), national prosecco day in the UK (13th August) and world photo day (19th August). For a full list visit @Azpiral on Twitter.


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