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Loyalty Promotion Ideas for November - Shop til you drop

Now’s the time to start ticking off the festive to-do list


As the days are getting darker and cooler, most everyone has the upcoming festive season in the back of their minds. Whether they’re gearing up to celebrate Christmas over a home-cooked meal with family or picking up stocking stuffers for little ones eager to see if Santa visits next month, now is the time that many people start ticking off their to-do lists in an effort to relieve some of the pressure that comes as December hits.


With that in mind, customers will be likely to stock up on items they know they’ll need to use over the coming holidays, and they’ll be even more incentivised by certain promotions that make it feel worth their while to buy now rather than later. That’s where loyalty promotion ideas really entice customers this month: with opportunities to help customers relieve some of the future stress they know they want to avoid. Customers will want to purchase items that help take the pressure off when the silly season really sets in.


Try out combination discounts


Combination discounts can be a powerful way to encourage customers to purchase a few extra items in the run-up to Christmas. With AzpiralPRO, our retail clients can offer their customers either a percentage or an amount off their total when they purchase a certain combination of goods. For instance, if a customer buys a certain number of Christmas crackers and a certain number of tins of Roses, they can avail of either a fixed amount discount or a percentage discount. They’ll save money while ticking more than a few people off their gift-giving list.


Awareness Days in November


As always, there are special days that can give a boost to your customers’ average day — and boost your sales at the same time. The month of November kicks off with World Vegan Day on November 1st, which provides an excellent opportunity to highlight any vegan items you might have in store with a loyalty promotion. On November 13, why not highlight World Kindness Day by encouraging customers to purchase a treat for themselves and for a friend, and offer a loyalty promotion discount on the two items purchased.


Universal Children’s Day comes around on November 20th, offering the opportunity for customers to avail of a special discount (perhaps 20 cents off a kids’ hot chocolate) when they come into the location with a child. And finally, on November 21st, why not encourage customers to celebrate the little-known World Television Day with some of the best binge-watching snacks on the market. Falling on a Sunday, sofa-worthy munchies will be hard to resist, especially if they earn your customers loyalty points in the process.


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