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October promotion ideas

5 simple Promotion ideas for October – AzpiralPRO

This time of year can be tricky it’s the limbo between summer ending and the frantic festivities that come with the Holiday season. We’ve put our thinking caps on and outlined a few promotion ideas you can run in October using your loyalty platform.


Whether you’re getting started with your Loyalty program or you’re trying to update your existing loyalty offers there’s bound to be something here to intrigue your customers this October.
We’ve also outlined some significant dates that might trigger a creative campaign.


1.5th October is National Teachers Day.
Why not offer a double points promotions for all your teachers and students through your loyalty program on the 5th or even for the weekend.




Depending on your business, offer double points promotion on school-related items. For instance, Apples, Stationary, school lunch items, iPads, desktops or vitamins.


2.Breast cancer awareness month
A wonderful opportunity for a brand to get involved and use their loyalty program to help support a great cause. AzpiralPRO offer engine enables users to run a charity campaign via their loyalty program.


Encourage customers to collect automated tokens when they spend a certain amount in a transaction and donate a portion of the spend to a local or national breast cancer fundraiser at the end of the month.


3.October Friday 13th
Unlucky for some! Why not run a competition and reassure one customer that it can be their lucky day. Ensure customers have to engage with your loyalty program to enter, whether they respond to a text/email, reach a certain spend or points balance, redeem a reward etc.




Give your top 100 customers that month 100 points to give them a pick me up on the day.


4.Halloween – Spooky offers
Halloween holds huge potential to run some great Loyalty marketing campaigns.


Trick or Treat – A concept that is largely associated with Halloween which is transferable to your loyalty program by simply adding a loyalty game to your loyalty program. Give customers the opportunity to earn points and use them to either gamble to win more points (trick) or treat to use their points to win a Halloween treat.


Halloween treasure hunt – Entice your customers to purchase 4 or 5 selected items over the course of a week to get the 6th item free. These could be Halloween related items.


Halloween party pack – Offer your customers a fixed amount off a certain combination of items. Again these could be items associated with Halloween festivities.


All of these promotions and offer types are available using the AzpiralPRO. Promotion ideas are kept general as many business types and brands use the AzpiralPRO. Advice on these offers or assistance with setup please contact Azpiral support team@info@azpiral.com


Other dates to note in October that might be a good fit for your brand are;
22nd October Mother-in-Law day.(UK)
29th October Clocks go back.
30th October is the Dublin Marathon.


Read more on the AzpiralPRO https://www.azpiral.com/features/promotions-engine/


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