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Loyalty Promotion ideas

September marks the month of new beginnings and the restart of routines. We see the reopening of schools and colleges, clubs and organisations are recruiting new members and starting new schedules. While some fall back into the same routine, some establish new ones. It’s an exciting time of year.


Why not use this “new beginning” mentality for this month’s loyalty promotions? This month’s loyalty promotion ideas are focused on attracting new customers, exciting existing customers, and encouraging customers to try something new.




Spread your wings
Coupons help attract new customers, increase customer spend, retain customers, increase your market area, and allow businesses to engage and excite their customers. AzpiralPRO coupon software can run independently of a full loyalty programme, coupon promotions are a good tool to attract new customers and then in-time sign them up to a loyalty programme.


Coupons encourage existing customers to try new products. Coupons are presented during a transaction and a product discount is discounted by either a fixed amount i.e., 5c off per litre or a percentage discount i.e., 10% off a certain product.


Coupon promotions help attract customers from a broader market area boosting a business’s brand awareness. Businesses could issue coupons outside all the schools in their area or commuter area to encourage them to help attract new customers.




Reward, Repeat and Retain
Repeat Customer Incentive Discounts are offers created to reward customers, encourage repetition, and retain customers. Shop and Save (in the next transaction) offers are when a customer spends a certain amount to get a discount in their next transaction.


This type of offer increases spend per transaction and keeps customers coming back. Businesses can then nurture their customer relationship through their loyalty programme and offer personalised promotions to their engaged customer base.


Make it a habit
As highlighted above September is a good time to build new routines. New routines often bring new habits too. Why not incentivise a new habit by running a Multibuy offer (buy 5 get 1 free) in-store? Tune in to your customer’s mindset and encourage them to meet after the school run or stop on the way to work.



Awareness Days in September
September has some good dates for the diary to help guide your September promotions. Some to note are International Day of Charity on the 5th of September or World Pharmacist Day on the 25th of September. For a full list of Awareness Days visit @Azpiral on Twitter.







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