Reimaging your Customer Journey in a New Normal

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Reimaging your Customer Journey in a New Normal

As move towards a reopening after almost two months of lockdown businesses are preparing to open in what is called the “new normal”. Measures like social distancing and strict hygiene procedures mean businesses cannot operate as they did pre-COVID-19. They must get creative and innovative to reimagine a customer journey and meet customer expectations that adhere to the “new normal” health standards.


COVID-19 has accelerated purchasing and research online, which has led to a decrease in footfall in physical stores. This trend is predicted to stay, and projections show apparel retail and department stores are to see a 10% – 13% increase in traffic online after COVID- 19.


Businesses need to revaluate their network of brick-and-mortar stores and how physical locations and online channels can best support the customer experience in the era of new normal.


Two things businesses should use to reimagine their customers’ journey and meet their customer expectations are.


Qualitative data

Qualitative feedback can be gathered through online tools, for instance, your loyalty programme software, or in-person to gain better insights from your customers.

Real-time data

Real-time consumer insights, for instance, transaction spend, products purchased can help gain insight into what is happening at that moment.


Learning from the data readily available to businesses they can quickly recalibrate their customer journey and offerings to meet customer expectations. As the “New normal” evolves and starts to take shape customer expectations will shift too. Businesses that respond appropriately and at pace will meet their customers’ needs and strengthen their relationship with their customers.

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