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The Impact of Loyalty and Reward Schemes upon Banking, Insurance and Financial Institutions

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The action of business requires the continuous momentum toward engaging the consumer in purchasing activities. The issue of providing an intangible service such as banking, insurance and financial planning remains difficult within the saturated industry of many choices for many different types of people. Worthington and Welch (2011, p. 191) see a connection between the consumer action of banking as something that is fundamentally important to both world and local economies but the standard, traditional definition of what a bank remains has changed.


The Impact of Loyalty and Reward Schemes upon Consumer Spending and Shopping Habits

All you need to know

In the field of retail marketing and consumer goods, there are a numbers of realities taking place with concern for spending and patterns for shopping habits. While one cannot entirely predict how an individual will behave within the retail environment and whether or not, he or she will purchase an item may come down to myriad of variables having little to do with brand identity (Armstrong et al 2014). Purchase of an item, needed or not can be emotional and purely guided by a different degrees of factors that suggest the product is the best possible solution to the need dependent upon quality, price and availability (Oliver 2014). The level of loyalty and satisfaction one feels toward shopping may have little to do with the amount spent but rather a system of complex conditions that must be set into place in order for the consumer to remain loyal and satisfied (Ou et al 2014).

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