Fuel and Convenience


Fuel and Convenience

The Fuel and Convenience sector is changing dramatically. With the rapid emergence of new technologies such as electric and hydrogen cars, the introduction of food outlets, convenience products,  set-down areas and unmanned fuel stations in the European fuel market, the future of forecourt must be centered on the customer and meeting their expectations. We are here to help.


Benefits of Loyalty

  1. Build a comprehensive database of customers
  2. Understand and truly connect with customers
  3. Increase customer spend on multiple aspects of the business.
  4. Identify high-value customers
  5. Reduce customer attrition

What we do

AzpiralPRO, loyalty platform, is cloud-based integrated software that enables users to capture customer data across multiple touchpoints.
Giving users a holistic view of their customers and a deeper understanding of them.

Engage and excite specific customer audiences with targeted and personalised communications, rewards, promotions and competitions. Identify customers’ expectations and meet them.

AzpiralPRO is user-friendly and can facilitate Dual Loyalty meaning, clients can run more than one loyalty program within a business. This is useful for Fuel and Convenience companies with brand partnerships on site.

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